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High Ropes Challenge Courses are physically & emotionally safe proving grounds for exploring new ways of thinking, feeling and behaving. They afford participants a chance to safely engage with challenge, risk, and overcome fear with increased trust, communicative ability, and accountability. All Fulcrum courses are customized to meet the specific goals and objectives of our clients, and scaled to their physical abilities.

 Sample High Ropes Challenges:

Climbing Wall: Participants climb alone or tethered to one another on a 60-foot wall covered with various holds.  Fulcrum’s exclusive climbing walls allow for 2 to 4 simultaneous climbers depending on location.  Climbers are belayed by their team members, who are clipped into a rope at the foot of the wall. 

The Perch: One team member climbs to the top of a 30-foot pole and attempts to stand on top before jumping for a trapeze bar hanging about three feet away.

Stretcher (High V): Just like the low element of the same name, this activity requires people to work together and trust one another as they navigate a growing gap between two high wires 40 feet in the air.  Partners are forced to rely on each other’s weight and balance to maximize their distance covered.

The Beam: Participants climb to a wide beam that is inclined (about 35 feet up) and walk across its length (approximately 20 feet).  For those wishing for a greater challenge, they can walk backwards on the beam or attempt it blindfolded.

Multi-Vine: Participants climb a pole to a height of approximately 40 feet, then being walking across a cable, using long ropes suspended from a top wire.  The participant starts with one ropes, walks as far the rope will allow, then reaches for the next rope, continuing in this fashion until he/she reach the end. 

Giant Swing: They don't make swings like this at the playgroundThe giant swing is one of the most exhilarating elements that we have to offer.  The swing is not a difficult physical challenge but more so a mental one.  It takes a rather large commitment to take the Swing.

Giant’s Ladder: Built into two large Eucalyptus trees at our Camp Hess Kramer site, the giant’s ladder is a series of horizontal 4 x 4’s suspended in mid air.  This is a recommended partnership event that challenges the participants to push for higher ground as rungs space farther apart as they climb.