Gindling Hilltop

High Ropes Teambuilding Events:

  • Beam Walk

    • A horizontally positioned log suspended 35' between two poles. Partnerships climb up the vertical poles to the horizontal beam before commencing to walk towards one another. Once they meet in the middle, they have the opportunity to try and switch places on the beam. Can have 1 or 2 participants working together.

  • Climbing Wall (55')

    • To climb the wall alone or in a tethered partnership. Wall can be set as a group belay or a single belay. 

  • Flying Squirrel

  • Giant Swing

  • Multi Vine

  • Pamper Pole

  • Ring Jump (Leap of Faith)

    • This activity involves climbing to a platform or to the top of a pole, and diving out to a grab a Porsche steering wheel suspended in the air.  

  • Double Pole

  • Trapeze Jump

  • Postman’s Walk