Behavioral versatility is the key to team success

The Fulcrum B.O.L.D module is designed to create team synergy though integration of different leadership styles.  Our B.O.L.D module is an incredibly fun and valuable indoor workshop for groups of 10-100 participants. It features a short individual personal behavior assessment followed by facilitated experiential activities. These exercises allow participants to discover the strengths and challenges of their own leadership style as well as how to partner with team members of different styles to create a high performing organization.

B.O.L.D. can be a part of your ropes course or teambuilding day at one of our locations in Malibu, Pacific Palisades or Culver City.  It can also become a part your staff development training at your home office.  Whatever you professional development needs may be, Fulcrum is here to serve.  Contact our offices to schedule your next staff development experience today.